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"Your presentation was extremely impressive and well integrated. I have been in software design and development for many years, and my recent projects have involved developing software for parapsychology."

@ John G. Kruth, Executive Director, Rhine Research Center,

"Thank you for creating this awesome software!!!"

@ Elizabeth Bergen-Bartel

"I am practicing and find your program extremely helpful."

@ Ray Bruce

"Your process and instructions were wonderfully clear and precise. I purchased the PC exclusively for the sole purpose of running ARV Studio and establishing my own ARV tasking schedule. Based on my past and current successes, along with the aid of your fantastic software, coupled with my desire to train and discipline myself to be the best Remote Viewer possible, I am confident and excited about the future in a way I haven’t been in a long while."

@ Brian Murphy

"I am keen on using your program as a way to establish congruency, making trading far less risky."

@ Dean W Schilling

This seems like an awesome program you created. Thanks for your hard work to create this program."

@ Peter Maharajh

"I’ve been using this software for over a year and find it very useful. It’s a good price for such a specialist program for ARV-ing. If your concerned about displacement ...involve a member of family to judge and finally receive your feedback via email. IMPORTANT, To keep emotions neutral ...always get your feedback before you check on any winning/ losses."

@ Richard Harwood

"I've just bought your programme, and am very impressed by it. Well done!"

@ Shane McDermott

"A lot of hard work goes into these things so well worth it."

@ Dominic Jambrecina

Review by Alexis Poquiz:

I wanted to quickly express my support for Igor's ARV Studio Program.

First off, what Igor has done is something of an inspiration to me. I have always wanted to create a stand-alone program to track and manage my own ARV projects, but never really got around to doing it. So, when Igor asked me to test his program I was very excited to see for the first time, an actual Full Fledged ARV Software. There is no other software around that replicates what ARV Studio does.

One of the great things that Igor has done for ARV Studio is writing out a comprehensive user's manual. Like all programs, there is a bit of a learning curve, but having a complete user's manual definitely helps to make that transition easier.

I would recommend ARV Studio for someone who wants to consolidate the majority of their ARV work into a single location and be able to conduct a series, in a consistent manner. For solo viewers, you'll see the benefits of saving time from doing routine tasks: generating TRNs, pairing targets to outcomes, selecting images, etc. For group managers, the ability to send emails and taskings, directly through the program, linking from your Gmail account, is going to save you time.

I have nothing but positive things to say about Igor. He does excellent work and it is evident that he is genuinely passionate about precognition and you will see that reflected in his ARV Studio program. Give it a test ride. I definitely think that if you are a serious ARV practitioner, you should take a look. There is no other software around that replicates what ARV Studio does.

Cheers, Alexis Poquiz

Review by Jon Knowles:

I tested the software for Igor over the last couple of months. It's user friendly and you can easily manage an ARV project from this one program - including several modes of binary ARV, (group and solo), templates for cues and feedback messages, sending emails to participants from within the program, sending feedback photos, and it even saves the stats in a csv file on your hard drive. It's the best stand-alone ARV program available.

It's a fine program!