Intuitive trading log

February-17-2017 Winning AUD/JPY trade based on image from a dream

I woke up in the morning and a picture from my dream was still in my awareness. It was a dream of me climbing a big and tall tree. While climbing I suddenly noticed that I'm almost at the top and no more thick branches to climb further. In next split second I realized that there is a kind of an 'exit' off the tree at some point down below me and that I need to go to that exit.

-- My interpretation was that I need to find a Forex chart where a price action formed a kind of local Top, and then to execute a Short (Down) position to be exited at some point further down.

Then I got into AUD/JPY down trade and was thrilled to take 25 pips of profit after two hours!

Here is my winning trade and the chart:

October-06-2016 Winning Forex trade based on image from my dream

When I woke up on 5th of October I had this image in my mind which I was dreaming in the night. It was an image of Forex chart showing that a price is heading in a down direction after reaching a 'Top' (chart pattern). Image in my mind was pretty clear.

So, based on that image, I executed a down trade (EUR/USD).

Next day I won 30 pips!

Here is my winning trade and the chart:

June-24-2016 Winning Forex trade based on Synchronicity and my Thoughts

I was looking at the charts and waiting for a Brexit referendum results to be announced (U.K. to leave or to stay in European Union). News headlines were clear that UK citizens voted to exit the E.U. While waiting for this confirmation I was browsing through Forex charts. During the night British Pound slipped 10% against US dollar. Wow!

I noticed USD/CHF pair. It was much less volatile than other pairs. I was thinking that I know I want to make a Up trade (Long trade) on USD/CHF. Chart looked very good to support an Up move.

Then-- at this very moment when I was thinking about Up trade I got this message from SyncTXT. (***What is SyncTXT? See below...)

"Thoughts that bring about good feelings mean you are on the right track"

When I saw this message I didn't hesitate a second -- I immediately entered Long trade. And WOW -- what a synchronicity that was -- and a clear message to me that my thoughts about Long trade mean that I'm on the right track !

I did two quick trades producing a total of 21 pips of profit. I could have done better, but after trade execution I monitored the trade only sporadically via my mobile. But nevermind -- the synchronicity was fantastic! And here's the trade:

*** SyncTXT works using random event generator (REG) devices.

Researchers at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) laboratory have found that the human mind is capable of influencing the output of the REG and altering its statistical distribution. Subtle yet direct connection exists between the mind and the physical world.

SyncTXT uses a pool of messages. When certain low-probability events are created by the random event generator, the system selects a message from the user's customized message pool and sends it to the user.

While going about daily life, the user will typically receive messages between 1 and 7 times per day. Messages are timed and selected based on the REG output. The message may seem to be entirely random, or may occur at extremely meaningful and relevant times (a "synchronicity") that have a profound impact on the user. The ratio of "relevant" to "irrelevant" messages seems to depend heavily on a number of factors such as intention and state of mind.

April-22-2016 Winning Forex trade based on my dream interpretation

Before going to bed I had clear in my mind that I will put a trade next day if there will be a good opportunity. Then in the night I was dreaming that some person had my photo camera in his hands. Then, he threw it back to me... like wanting me to catch it. But, he threw it like without much effort, so the camera fell down way too far from me! No way for me to catch it. I was mad and shouting at the person!

Then I woke up... With both my dream in my mind and also Forex in my mind... it instantly came to me: "Short... he threw it too short.. I don't want short...".

So I decided that I will look for a Long trade (a.k.a. Up trade) today.

And -- here is the 45 pips winner: