Customer success story

Customer success story: £840 (GBP) profit with 5 ARV sessions using ARV-Studio software, by Keith Dawson:

"I've used an approach where I do 2-3 separate sessions for the match. Last one was the English FA Cup Final.

Three sessions were done. First one to see if Crystal Palace or Manchester United would win. Then when I got Manchester United as the winner, I did next session to find out if Man United to win in normal time or (extra time/penalties).Then once I got the result that it was extra time or penalties, my 3rd session was: Manchester United to win in penalties or extra time. My prediction was: extra time. I bet 100 british pounds and won £800 for a profit of £700, so already got more money back than the ARV Studio software cost.

I also did Middlesbrough vs Brighton on last game of the season. First session came out as match would be a Draw, then did 2nd session to see if score draw or goaless draw. I bet £40 and won £180 (profit £140).

So, in five sessions I was 100% right and made £840 profit over the two matches."