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*** SyncTXT works using random event generator (REG) devices.

Researchers at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) laboratory have found that the human mind is capable of influencing the output of the REG and altering its statistical distribution. Subtle yet direct connection exists between the mind and the physical world.

SyncTXT uses a pool of messages. When certain low-probability events are created by the random event generator, the system selects a message from the user's customized message pool and sends it to the user.

While going about daily life, the user will typically receive messages between 1 and 7 times per day. Messages are timed and selected based on the REG output.
The message may seem to be entirely random, or may occur at extremely meaningful and relevant times (a "synchronicity") that have a profound impact on the user. The ratio of "relevant" to "irrelevant" messages seems to depend heavily on a number of factors such as intention and state of mind.

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