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ARV Studio Lite (3.2) is a free version that can be used to create ARV trials/tasks.

Lite version is limited to conduct five ARV trials.

Automate everything you can for your ARV projects - from tasking to the feedback phase, easy and fast. Well.. almost everything.. as you still do the self-judging part or having an independent judge to do it for you.


Download link:


In new version 3.2 the built-in photo target collection designed specifically for the purpose of ARV, called the PREMIUM 1200 is extended to PREMIUM 1300 (100 targets added). Additionally, 50 photo targets from old collection were replaced with better targets. This will help to optimize the random target pairing algorithm, called ARVOPTIMAL. The algorithm is now able to further improve on dissimilarity of the randomly selected photo targets for each target pair. This consequently optimizes the remote viewer's ARV performance. With using 1300 targets, ARVOPTIMAL is able to create 358 thousand of different binary ARV photo target pairs.


Some of the video guides:

- create binary ARV with 'self-judging' protocol:

- create binary ARV with sending an email to independent judge to analyze your session:


Note that Lite version does not have all features and ARV protocols as full version. With new version there is a promotion period and 30% off for the full version, until 7-May-2021.


General information on three most used protocols:

Standard binary ARV - solo mode (self-judging):

  • With this protocol, the remote viewer runs the program through all the phases (Tasking, Judging, Feedback). This means that the remote viewer will be self-tasking, self-judging and seeing the feedback after the outcome via the program.


Standard binary ARV - Solo mode (self-tasking, email to indep. judge):

  • In this protocol, the remote viewer will create the task for himself/herself (for the event that will be predicted), and will stay fully blind to the photo targets throughout the Tasking phase. The program will also send an email (to yourself), with the two photo targets (zipped in a file to keep you - the remote viewer - blind). The purpose of this email is for the viewer to easily forward it (from Gmail Inbox, not from the program) to the independent judge AFTER the remote viewing session is finished and transcript is attached to the same email for the judge. Then, after the judge sends back the analysis, the remote viewer runs the program and activates the Prediction phase - to enter the scores (for SideA and SideB) provided by the judge. The remote viewer will be kept blind of the targets throughout the Prediction phase and will be shown the prediction decision for the event. After the outcome is known, the remote viewer can again run the program to get the Feedback. Only the actualized Feedback target will beshown. 

Standard binary ARV - solo mode (indep.judge):

  • The independent judge/tasker runs the program through all the phases (Tasking, Judging, Delivering Feedback). The remote viewer does not need the program. Remote viewer will get all what is required from the judge/tasker: the task will be sent to email (to do the remote viewing session), and after the outcome is known, the remote viewer will get the Feedback to email. Remote viewer also sends an email with RV session/transcript to the judge.


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